The artist glass, Yan Zoritchak, slovaquian arrived in France in the 1970s, will renew thanks to his personal technique in optical glass, moulding within which he will inject metal leaves, hight chips, creating a cosmic universe through pieces the transparency of which is magnified by means of polishing.

y zoritchak 01



A proceeding of glass decoration under cool temperature by removing the matter. It is similar to the principale of wheel engraving but the results and the method aredifferent. It consists in creating on the glass work linear motives, geomatric and prismatic, flat sides, bevelled edged, olives, diamonds, by carving the matter with a buffwheel or an iron wheel, the action is made easier by the addition of watered sand and runing water which is poured regularly an the buffwher. By moving if the (sharpening) graver – chisels. His decor by setting his prece under the copper toothed wheel the sharpener holds in a standstill position over the millstone by operating a calcuated push to regularly reduce the mass.
Just of all in sand- based mud already used the piece is therfore softened (ie-turned smooth without any streak) by means of sandstone buffwheel then a wooden buffwheel, just with sand based muds already used and after that it is softened with more and more fine.
Finally the piece is polished, i.e. turned transparent with a wooden wheel and tin putty, a process finiched by a cork wheel.