La trouée



In front of the name, the first name Michel keeps in the background.
Her face encircled with a golden halo, oversas look, woman from here and there, fugitive hunter and painter of perpetuity, Gobing toys with ambiguity.An ambiguity which can be bound in the material used. In lacquer the precise expression of mixture between a chilly cold ; perceptible through its shiness and an exquisite warmth filtring between the tints ?

Gobing masters amazingly this matter perfect combination based art, vowed if not to eternity at least to cross out the centuries under an icelay loaded with emotions, warmth, atmospheres.


Originally from Germany, Gobing was born in 1943, in Paris. It’s in that city where she studied and obtained her diploma in Applied Arts in Paris in publicity and lacquer.
For forty years now, Gobing has been improving her methods, applying layers according to a process completely well thought out right ahead.
Very Dextriously, she gets involved in the empire of oxidation colouring.
Shopping exactly the process of colouring when necessary to give the emotion of the moment, an impaired feeling.

Besides her  academy titles, Michel held  a diploma in lacquer processing at the workshop of Corromandel and a diploma in publicity. She devoted herself to art and became a professional in lacquer processing .

The first extibition she arranged, goes back to 1965. In 1981 the French Musée des Arts Decoratifs in Paris (Museum of Decorative Arts) acquired her miniature works.

After exhibiting in France and Germany, she has been exhibiting for many years in Switzerland at the Annie Chevalley gallery.


Gobing applies, pounces, handles acids, toys with reflects. Every minute, she stands up her panel to appreciate the produced effects. The bigger the stands, the more physical effort is needed, to handle them . In addition to imagination, talent, patience, knowledge and mastery of materials, being an artist lacquer requires a certain physical strength.

In gobing’s works, subjects are constantly related to the moments of life. Certain expressed feelings, reveal staged emotions, the transfer of a magic instant, of a smell, of an atmosphere correspond to as many balanced notes to express states of mind. Each one will feel it in his manner, but, under the iced lacquer, a spiritual current calls out to a burried conscience which startles the spectators to their deepest feelings.

Although she had been working for many years with a Chinese artist lacquer,

She asserts that  there are still many discoveries to be made in this field.

Used by the Chinese since the third century before Christ (B.C) lacquer, a very resistant resinous, even inalienable material it formerly used to be made from sumach resin a from mealybug . Nowadays, it is nitrocellulosis or insoluble substances and combined mordants. The first quality of this product is imputrescibility, giving in a more-than-four-century life .

Thus  the distant lineage lovers and collect makers of lacquer could still admire the vestiges that remain intact in our days , whereas in the genealogy tree, they would be placed at the top of the family hierachy.

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