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The « pas de deux » of the opera ballet stars in Viena, which OTTO HAASE develops in his series of photographies, originates from the beast and the Beauty, the fantastic tale Mrs Leprince de Beaumont.
Jean Cocteau used as a plot for his cult film. This mystery of love so close to hatred had led the Marquis de Sade to prison were he got hosted before inspiring to Sacher Mosoch his (Vénus à la fourrure) « Venus in a furcoat »
Oscar Wilde would locate the hell of love in the (Jardin of Supplices) « Garden of tortures ». this process of fascinalion gets triomphant in a concert entitled : Salomé and the danse of the seven veils by Richard Strauss.With Haase, loving act crowned by the blood kiss could only be supported the glistening of the bodies on glazed paper.
Moral based precautions, aesthetic objectivity or expression prudery ? They owe their origins less to a stiff education than to softness inheritied from the ancient. Empire of Austria-Hungary.
As soom as the curtain rises, a ballerina in lime light, she has been ordered to subdue the man to her rhythm. Like her. Emprisonned in his senses like those Bourgeois de Calais, he performs in night shirt. Actually, nearly in the nude because under his shirt, there’s the flesh and the use of the desire, some kind of offered suffering.
His passion toying with madness set him still in a draped with stiff sides similar to the sides of a flint stone.
But the statement of the process of seduction and accepted violence tend to reverse the roles. Stimulation becauses common passion. Incandescence, where each partner finds glory and profit, enslaves, overwhelms, trample, tears, and penetrates the woman who gets engulfed in a shared voluptuous pleasure.
Dance reach its climax in a perfect delight of the couple, a synonym of harmony.
Transient eroticism at the outskirts of perfumes, the photos exhibited at Annie Chevalley’s Gallery could bridge the gaps of a prosaic everyday life or offer a distraction to the frustrations of the visitor reduce to replying to small ads promising « possibly more if affinities ».

Etienne Chatton, curator

International Centre of Fantastic Art

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