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Jean MORAL, starting from 1925, starts dealing with photography by experimenting situations in the street, people as well as work in the drakroom.
From 1928 to 1932, he works as a drawer for Tolmer’s as he was carrying on his career as a photographe rand his plastic research. He systematically takes photos of this wife and he has them published in Paris Mgazine.
These photos at the end of the 1920's and in the 1930's represent a new ideal in life, the one of the woman lib, happy to live. This fashion photos are spontaneons and dynamic. These top madals move in sheet scenery with puplicity billboarob in their background or they are close to modernity symbols.
Jean Moral born in 1906, will be the unique photographer of French Fashion to be acknowledged at an international level in the 1930's. he embodied the modernity in the 1930's in Paris together with Man Ray.
His technical research, as well the freedom of choosing subjects assert him as a representative of the New Vision starting from that tine Moral would become the most omportant.

Since that time, Jean Moral would become the representative the most important of realist fashion photography.
Between 1932. 33, he would work for Vague where he would deliver. His photos and drawings. Then he takes part in the first international Salon of photographic nude in collaboration with the officiel de la Couture, the Art et la Mode, the Album du Figaro, signed a contract with horper’s Bazaar ; work in parallel for Vu.
Between 1937- 38. he travelled to Spain for Paris – Soir, and Match, to prepare a report on the civil war.
In 1939, he participated at the exhibilition the French School of photography in copenhaguen.
Jean Moral, has lived in Cannes in the fifteies, anda t the time when he was drawing at the beach, he got acquainted with Picasso who advised him if someone draw in that manner, he would rather give up photography that is what he would do.

Starting form that epoch, he has continued, drawing and painting wth the same talent as for photography.

Then Moral moved into clarens, near Montreux (Switzerland) he lived there for many years till the end of this life, he painted many landscapes about the region. The shores of lake Leman lake were considered as the magnificent source of inspiration to Jean Moral’s « catching eys ».

Jean Moral and La Tour-de-Peilz

He would willingly set his easel at the port in la Tour-de-Peilz.
The brushstroke light and certain tackles the old stones of the castle tower, ripraps, shores of pebbles ( shingly beaches) the port with its stony dyke setting apart the sappire blue of the port from pale blue of the lake, its boats drawn in ink with a chinese fineress.
Watercolours can be admiret at the port of la Tour- de Peliz, its castle or its boats ….. and other paintings exhibited at la gallery of Annie Chevalley.

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