Jörg F. Zimmermann



The artist

«The process of  blowing in a metal net as an old technical method  has only a secondary importance  according to Zimmermann. His purpose is to display the main order principlesand create global regularities.The grid and the setting of cell-shaped bubles which it produces within the glass is no more than an appropriate  artistic means, no more, no less ...».

Helmut RICKE


Born in 1940, lived in Germany.

Since 1968 : as an independent artist who expresses himself  through glass and different techniques of glass making.

Since 1976, as a teacher in glass making  in the Fine Arts in Stuttgart.

In 1978 he will be rewarded with the gold of the Bavaria State. It ‘s since 1977 in his search of the “Inneraum “, that he exhibits  fashioned trellis works which he opens with breaks  with also the use sand casting. A great number of these artist‘s creations are exhibited  in more than twenty museums in Germany as well as in Austria, Denmark, Great Britain, Switzerlland and the USA .

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