Gérard Jan

Nature morte aux chardons



He showed a talent for art which led him to toy both with haziness or precision, to process pasted and vivid tints (colours) every time when a different artist puts his finishing touches.

Both sculptor and drawer - He both trained as sculptor and as  a drawer, Gerard Jan was an expert in painting too – he had the advantage of handling well pastels and engraving rather than other different arts.


His landscapes are marked with softness, his nudes are marked with some decency, his still-lifes are so life like as if they were going to spring out of the painting.

But whichever style he dealt with, detail was important ; pigmentation  was carefully set  to get to the perfect aesthetique. Gerard Jan offers atmospheres, living moments through spaces atmospheres rich in shades. His nudes were so fairly drawn and the pauses were so gracefully well presented , to better honour the woman who accepted to pose for posterity.
He exhibits his last colour pastels, his still-lifes with processed pigments accordingly with his own method. For the sake of perpetuity.
His works produce a special effect. The intimist effect of tamed harmony.

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