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Jean-Pierre Stauffer 1927-1994, artist painter from the Switzerland school. He attended studies at Lausanne his training, as a graph designer  and lithographer  later  he studied  at the school of fine arts in La Chaux-de-Fonds as a graphic designer and since 1970 he  devoted his efforts  to painting.

As a talented graphic designer ,jean pierre stauffer  focused his efforts on painting since 1970.and from 1972 to 1981, he moved to Provence (south of France  )

From 1981 to his death on november 1994 , he livedin his beautiful  house in la sarraz  not far from Lausanne.

Jean-Pierre Brissot Stauffer interviewed by Nina-Carrel

Jean-Pierre  Stauffer was interviewed  by Nina Brissot –Carrel  when he was arranging  an exhition  at Annie Chevalley ‘s gallery in autumn 1993.

His taste for drawing  led him to choose  a job that involves  a possibility to practise his art as a graphic designer – lithographer

« If Ididn’t paint I think  I couln’t do any thing else ! All my looks , allmy thoughts , all my visions are transferred to painting. My thinking  ha become  so cute  that my eye turned to an analytic agent. An object , a landscape ‘a mere habit an I  say :  Yes I  could do this ,or, no ,this will not suit because of its shape , its colour …I never dreamt of anything else  than being a painter.
I started  drawing /sketching horses when I was only four  or five years old .
I  always paint each canvas  in wait requires an extra detail , a continuation , a follow up I work on fifteenor twenty subjects at the same time  and I spend from 15 to 30 minutes per canvas , no more. The more  days elapse the shorter sequences are. All of a sudden : all comes over  the work is finished !»

His work is of a great sensitivity , Stauffer ‘s painting painting is full of strong emotions and a great gentleness.His  landscapes are overloaded with shadows , with buildings set against sunrises or sunsets that are really bathed in completeness. There is no aggressive  feature, no dominating tint.

Curves, lines ,figures reflect an inner  peace  of mind coming out of this work providing it with a particular dimension. His snow landscapes are extremely impressive.
Painting white tint on a white canvas, is a challenge  that "I rally enjoy being involved in, to better pay homage  to it , I try to get closer to nature.

« I overspread  a gray and brown foundation on a blank canvas ,- the foundation  is actually an earth-base mixture – then I cover it with fresh snow .Both white and shaded with shadows  and glints.»

Since the early years of his  career ? Stauffer had set a date and he also fixed an objective : to free himself  at least before he is forty  from money constraints  to entirely dedicate to painting ! He painted for his own pleasure and for his supporters’ happiness.

« My friend clients are faithful , they visit the gallery saying :
« I just come here to have a look « a few minutes later after visiting they would come back  and I  hear them say « I actually would like to have this one « then at the end , unable to decide between the two works .they leave taking away both works with them !»
I know some of my  friends who have more than 30 canvasses in their houses.»

When Jean Pierre stauffer  sketches a drawing in watercolours : in his memory he fixes  the atmosphere /a light ,a detail , a shadow.Later  in the silence  of the workshop he would transfer his deepest pleasure , this life space ? this patch of land into everlasting moments .

Nina Brissot-Carrel

Major exhibitions

In Paris since 1977.
In New York and Phoenix, Arizona, United States, since 1985.
In Switzerland since 1985, at Galerie Paul Valotton in Lausanne.
Since 1993 the gallery permanently Annie Chevalley in Montreux and La Tour-de-Peilz.

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