Nuccio Fontanella

Joie de vivre




Nuccio Fontanella was born on 22 octobre 1936 in Brusegana (Padova), he dead  tragically in January  2005.
He had happy child hood in a deconsecrated convent, an enchanting and magic spot which as an adult he would never enjoy the pleasure of seeing  again.

A male artist child in an Italian middle class family was considered as a curse .
Paradoxically, his grandmother used to say, « give some plaster to this child, he will at least keep quiet ».
And as a child, Nuccio mad about carving since his youngest age he used to spend hours and hours making objects out of plaster !

His deepest desire was  to see his sculptures weightless flying over searching infinity .Through his work , he officially represented Italy at the Universal Exhibition in  Seville in 1992.

On the aftermath  of a car accident he had in 1993 he became weak and his self -confidence got reduced .To help out of this depression him his son convinced him to do wax carving miniatures and get them gilt quenched.

Therefore, thanks to his family 's care and love , he managed he gradually managed to tunnel his way out .

For a while, people got, used accustomed to see him in good shape and full of fits of enthusiasm.

Every  weekend , he used to play  saxophone to entertain  his friends ( without any former preparation) , he just played to entertain them all or for his own pleasure .To achieve these creative projects  this important artist  worked relentlessly despite of his  constant illness !


Since that time this outstanding artist, was urged by the need of creation. His work is incredibly beautiful and expressive. This beauty overshadows any  hints of violence displayed  in the paintings.the bright aspects and matt of his sculptures reveal his human side through the  shadows and lights , they reveal the stories of people corroded by the acids of existentialism.

Nuccio, the goldsmith

He painted superb watercolours on paper , we recognise  the style at first sight.
On picture moulding at Anne Chevalley Gallery ;   his rings, bracelets, brooches pendants are exhibited under an exclusive swiss contract.
Each Jewel is a precions sculpture and miniature, a unique in its kind, modeled in lost wax hallmasked and made official « 18 carats gold ».

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