A good story

What is the art of exception ?

« Having the willingness to introduce the best artists and not being satisfied before achieving the knack of being an artist ».

Arranging a perfect exhibition with an artist of exception is time consuming. To achieve success at the mos it is just a matter of willingness and determination.

Thanks to her  knowledge and her passion for art and artists, Annie Chevalley has become, within 20 years, a reference in this special field of contemporary art .

This generic term is multi-faceted it sets forward the modern figurative art and suggests a free representation , the style of which is in a constant evolution and questionnable.

During this period, she has arranged exhibitions for a hundred of artists, some of them are world famous and acknowledged throughout their work in the greatest museums in the world .

These choices suggest a melting pot of talents, evoluting in the language temporary representation, most particularly, for the creators whose works produce emotive aesthetic and sensitive activity, which more often results in « instinctual love at first sight ».

Such is the case of GOBING, this painter of perennity lead us into a captive and fugitive universe ; with creature of lights and shadows, with the aerial strength of the stream of life, or these splendid sculptures  by Nuccio FONTANELLA,  each bronze of which is unique ; or that great artist, a virtuoso in glass blowing:Antoine LEPERLIER.

« Glass leads to an imaginative world where space is unlimited / boundless »…

Annie Chevalley refers to her knowledge and her professional experience in addition to her know how to build up her art of exception .

Her clientèle (patrons) do appreciate the excellency of her choices, for original authentic master pieces and signed by their creators.

For the future, these different criteria are actually going to define a master piece and a valuable investment for a long-term period.

Her words are intended for aesthetes, major art lovers for all those who are willing to sublimate their fingerprints involving a temporel beauty. The most important criterion taken into account while  you purchase  a painting.

The authentic « love at first sight » produced in the beginning produce a poetry vision full of harmony to cut it short a true happiness excluding any sensibility.

With the new site the gallery mosaic, everything is set as if it were in her own gallery in tour de Peliz , Annie Chevalley endeavours all her efforts to offer an excellency service within reach and help you experience a tour full of emotions and discoveries for unique creations, famous artists, Jean-Pierre STAUFFER, Jean MORAL, Roland ZAHND, Fanny FERRE, Otto HAASE, Jean-Claude NOVARO (verre), Louis LELOUP, BAROCCO, from multidisaphinary and different backgrounds.


Mission and values

« For Annie Chevalley, opening your heart to art means to come up again with emotions in order to get impregnated with inner landscapes. »

For 20 years now, the Gallery Annie Chevalley, has been sharing its passion for contemporary art and  its creators altogether.

Besides  of her gallery she arranged many extramuros exhibitions for years  in the hall of the
antique dealers in lausanne as well as theme based exhibitions in several cultural places.

This dynamic  environment serving  timeless art, the core of perfection, will leave  its traces through out the ages.

The Excellency vocation of the gallery combined to its professional know how, confirms its good reputation{rdlc. It naturally relies on talented artists whose specificity and authentic creativity justify their fame.

Therefore since 1986, more than a hundred of artists have exhibited their works inthe picture rails of the gallery.

Some of the artists are wellknown with works exhibited in the greatest museums in the world.Jean TINGUELY

To that extent, every two years, the gallery arranges an exhibition in group with a dozen or even fifteen female artists, GOBING, ranging from painting, to sculpture in bronze and is glass.

Its mission consists in involving you  into a true fad  for the artists who marked our epoch Nuccio FONTANELLA, in different  subjects within your reach  (or clicks ) and contribute to their discoveries .

"Immersing  in the artistic expressions , it is experiencing  an itinerary of sensitivity , emotionalism , curiosity , observation  esthetism , joy of pleasure  and discoveries".

In the case of sharing  a common passion , the leading line  of the mosaic of this site will guide  you into  the enchanted  world  of art .with unique  pieces  authentic  and signed  Jean-Claude NOVARO (verre) made by contemporary  creators Antoine LEPERLIER, Fanny FERRE, Philippe MATTHEY, .... who  would  leave certain  taste  for beauty  and happiness of contemporary  timeless works at www.galerieanniechevalley.ch and gallery in Monthey.