Pierre Bataillard

Bouquet au cendrier bleu



Born in 1927, Pierre Bataillard attended the School  of Fine Arts( l’Ecole des Beaux Arts) in Lausanne, then l’Ecole du Louvre ( School of Louvre) in Paris. In addition to his graphist’s works, he was involved in the resetting of the Musée de l’horlogerie in The Chaux-de-fonds, of the Musée du Verre in St-Prex and Musée of vine and wine at chateau d’Aigle.

He started arranging exhibitions in 1979 and he was invited to a great gallery in Lyons in 1998.  In 1996, Pierre Bataillard received the Prix Europeen de Peinture (European Prize of Painting) in Mulhouse. Many museums devote collective exhibitions to his works such is the case of those of Pully, Interlaken, Locle and Sion.
Pierre Bataillard’s work is another approach: a universe where calm and peace reign supreme.
Pierre Bataillard died in 2008.

Pierre Bataillard and we

The act of stopping, to take time and from a distance, in front of Pierre Bataillard’s canvass could be considered as a prayer-an tangible ardour links the work with the one who discovers it. Magnetism, a link gets built up.
A space where silence get settled. Pierre Bataillard’s works are hymns to silence, mysteries, peace and quietness.

Man gets endless moments which as delivers some small bonheurs. Those originating from the deepest feelings of the self. Those felt when one is capable to interfere, interrupt the whole power of an instant, a place an object. He knows, which is scarce, to express impressions. A supplementary strong point of the artist is that he knows perfectly where he can position light on all what he sees and paints.

Exhibitions in Montreux

Watercolours, pastel, drawings are simultaneously displayed in a shimmering exhibition. An obvious evocation multiple sides who knows to express his talent in so many subjects, lithography, serigraphies, watercolours, mosaics, pastels, illustrations, photographies and drawings are so many means of expressions to this man who is endowed with magic hands a luminous look. Whichever mode is adopts, he tries through small transient or perfectly set brushstrokes to produce in the work he deals with a unique aspect both plain and full of secrets that escape to magnetism or vibrations.

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