Philippe Matthey



Artist Statement

He started with figurative painting then he stiddenly changed into a univers where forms and shapes clash in direct opposition into a kateidoscope of vigorous constructions in contrasted colours. Set of circles, lines squares provide his work with a movement of youth and a very original harmony, qhere a hint of humour and joie de vivre were felt wherever a brushstroke is performed.

It is in the contact with nature, during lengthy walks that he used to « load his batteries », after a sort of alchemy to redesign, more often under an absract from, sometimes more figurative, its inside world rich of sensations and poetry.


He was born in 1925. Painting was his second communicative nature and an abvious pleasure. First  of all, his career staretd with diploma in photoengraving then after getting graduated from the schoil of arts and trades (l’ecole des Arts et Métiers in Vevey - CH), he attended the academy of la grande Chaumière in Paris where carried on his pictorial research.

Bach to Switzerland, he did not stop his resarch, he got involved in various activities mainly decoration, poster design, cartoons, theatre settings.

Since 1975, his works where exhibited in many personal exhibitions in Switzerland and a broad.

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