Roland Zahnd

Les trois voiliers

Bord de lac

Paysage de montagne

Le banc rouge

Village de la Gruyère

Petit lac de montagne

Paysage de Suisse

Chapelle au bord de l'eau




He is considered as the best watercolourist in Switzerland. The matercolours of Roland Zahnd eyewitness a time when both urban or lakeside landscapes were peaceful spots in the observe.

The watercolours representing the making iridiscent the surface of the water, the transparency of the air, and the shimmering riples of the lake.

Emotion in front of a canvass could be linked to elements as different as an immediate and striking beauty or a place a memory, an atmosphere, a kind of call-well, the water colours of R.Z. ain basically at gathering a set of sensations with a strong picture. His work is not only striking because of its authentiaty but an aesthtic harmony.

His work is not only striking thanks to its anthenticity but thanks to its aesthetic doubled with harmony as well.

Therfore, in font of his handscapes and places, the observer feels at home in a fanuliar place. On feels this senitive and visual which makes your soul vibrate.

Memoires set olive, and produces emotion.

In Paris and he was invited to the TV panel. By the televisin of switzer the French speaking and. His woks are recorded in many public or private collections in Switzerland, Canada, germany, France and the USA.

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