Régis and Gisèle Fievet




It is impossible to dissociate Gisèle from Regis or Regis from Gisele ! They are both involved in art, they both arranged exhibitions.Self taught  people. They learnt how to to master different techniques related to glassblowing, such as engraving, sculpture, sand.
Casting .Inspired by the submarine, they know  how to provide their works with fluidity nearly surrealistic which is quite an asset Regis and Gisele work for prosperity in a deliberate.
discretion. The intrinsic quality of each work, the immensity of research of imagination and of creativity altogether form original elements. These are collection master pieces so to speak each work embodies an instant of grace that artists strive for.
“Oceane“ which illustrates  the invitation card enclosed to this mail is a work in carved glass by Regis and Gisele fievet. Mostly famous in France some of their  works are exhibited in the USA too.

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