Vase rond




Like the Italian architecture to which its name refers to Barocco involves radiant, glorified secrets in its cells, identities irearly revealed, a theatre the stage and decor both present and old jashioned.
Barocco alias Richard Tarone and Jacque Massard de Chateneuil (One rotates and designs shapes, the other decorates) are ceramists were trained as ceramists. Their elaborate techniques led them to create a world uo to their expectations in the entanglement of offered trasures all gathered in the same work.
Barocco’s works were exhibited all over France before they become the favorit to the collection makers and amateurs of art. in the big world of ceramics, Barocco is presently the spirit of art reduced to a name involving promises for a future enameled with an enchanting and dreamlike worlf.

Artistic approch

Strangeness, addness, fantasy, Barocco which change into other materials these pictures display all that cannot be seen. Barocco invents a world at surrealist and weird junction, often enigmatic in their shades of foggy evening or snowy mornings. For awway, Barocco lead us very far, and at a breath taking speed within the maze of dreams where words lose their meanings.
There where impalpable things gatter into a cosmic world ready to recerve our admiring soul and to let it sink into the verge of the abyss cautiously carved with a talent full of endless reminixences.


Achieving such a work involves many steps requiring an expertise in the way the material is handled and baked. In fact, the Vallauris earth « Chomotted », used by artists for the shapes, needs to be baked for the first time at 1200° before being enameled into tinto ranging from ochre to dark brown, via green and bronze and baked again at 1280°. Support of decor, a lay of white enamel is therefore applied and a new baking at 1020° aims at fixing the oxides.
When, underkining with a golden line the twists and turns of a seene. Barocco would like to fix the particularites, an extra baking at 720° will be necessary to get the work completed. Since a few years some of their creations indude a juxtaposition of ceramics and glass enameled painted with glistening effects.

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